This plan will combine proteins, carbs, and fats in the ideal proportions. Every time you plan a meal or you have a snack make sure it has all 3:

  1. Protein for muscle development and repair.
  2. Carbs for energy.
  3. Fat for appetite control.

Combining your macros will help keep blood sugar levels stable. If your blood sugar is in check, your energy levels are high throughout the day and your ability to burn fat for fuel is much greater. Fat plays a role in both muscle building and fat burning, as well as general health/emotional well being. Can you tell we are trying to justify the fat intake to you? 😉 TRUST THE PROGRAM.

Whey Protein and Recovery Shakes: Why?

You will be drinking recovery shakes 1-2 times a day so stock up on your Whey Protein powder. (If you need suggestions, ask Kelsey, Shelby, Scott, or Matt… they all use these daily and would love to give you input to find the appropriate one). Whey is your magical protein!

Whey is a natural and complete protein from cow’s milk and is a superior protein source. Supplies you with amino acids for muscle repair and growth. The amino acid leucine helps burn body fat.

Drink your recovery shake within 10 minutes of exercising (the brand Delicious mixes great with water and tastes just as the brand name suggests). Having your whey protein plus some carbs after exercise increases muscle growth (no ladies you will not get bulky, you need muscle to burn fat).

**If you have a dairy intolerance… (some of you do), substitute for an alternative protein powder. We can research some for you if you need. (Hemp or pea proteins work great).



Your body uses sugar as energy wen you eat it and it stores your fat for fuel. This stops your fat burning efforts completely. It doesn’t take a lot of sugar either, even a small piece of chocolate for example upsets the process and turns into body fat.

Examples: table sugar, syrups, honey, molasses, brown sugar, jams, jellies, candy, deserts, ice cream, baked goods.


A little salt is okay. Too much leads to weight gain. It causes your body to retain water and skews with your true weight which also leads to cellulite! It also causes digestive problems. This is where you experience the constipation and faulty absorption of foods and nutrients. Your metabolism then slows down and fat isn’t burned as quickly as we’d like.

Manage salt in your diet by avoiding the processed and packaged foods. Eat fresh foods that you cook yourself. DO NOT add table salt to your meals. Substitute with herbs and spices, fat-free, no-salt-added chicken broth or wine, or use your barbeque and grill something up.


Dairy causes bloating, cramps and gas leaks. It also inflames the body. Almond milk is a great sub.


Just try to ease back on this. I know it is summer but be honest with yourself and us. It is full of sugar. We understand that there will be summer parties but limit your intake. There will be opportunities to make up points for cheating in this area but try to avoid alcohol if possible.

Alcohol elevates your estrogen and creates/worsens cellulite. ***If you are going to have alcohol at all, include it as a carb. Make it sparse and understand that it will limit your progress more than anything else.


Proteins + Carbs + Fats = Fat Burning

Booty Proteins

Fish (omega 3, switch body into fat burn mode, fish first – poultry second)

Chicken and Turkey (development of body firming muscle – also turkey will help you avoid sugary excesses and stress eating)

Pork (a fat burner, skinnier waistline, thinner lower body, less body fat overall)

Beef (loaded with iron, increases blood flow for fat burning, B vitamins, protects muscle tissue, leads to higher metabolism, fat burning, weight control) **If your doctor has told you to cut back for health reasons (ex. High Cholesterol) be picky when you eat beef. Choose eye of round cut, sirloin tip, bottom round, top sirloin, 95% lean ground beef.

Eggs (yolks loaded with protein and taste great, cholesterol in yolks wont increase your bad LDL cholesterol, burn belly fat and all over body fat)

Booty Fats

Saturated and Mono-Saturated Fats

Saturated fat will come from your animal proteins. Don’t go crazy!! Saturated fat maintains testosterone levels (men and women have this) it helps burn fat.

Mono-saturated fats can actually reduce belly fat (even the visceral fat packed on your organs which links to many diseases like diabetes, breast cancer, heart disease and dementia. They are burned for muscle fuel and are great for exercisers. They will fill you up and keep you satisfied between your meals.

Booty Carbs

You are going to detox on carbs in this plan. Body will begin to use fat as energy. Yes you will eat fruits and veggies and few starchy carbs like sweet potatoes (the only “acceptable” carb we are allowing you guys in moderation). There are enough fruits and veggies that you wont crave starchy and sweet foods.

NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!! If you want me to justify why, please ask J

No beans either… it is a legume. What is a legume? Beans are healthy but contain lechtins which mimic the effect of hormones and lead to weight gain. They contain enzyme blockers that mess up our body’s ability to digest protein.

High Fiber is great to decrease estrogen levels.


Coconut water with whey protein powder for recovery shakes.

You can add unlimited amounts of herbs and spices as long as they have minimal salt.

Stay away from most sauces. Yes to dry rubs and spices.

Include dates to get your sweet fix. They are sweet as candy but one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Protein, fibers starch, fat, vitamins A, B, and C. Iron, sodium, phosphorous, calcium, sulfur. One or two a day to curb sweet tooth.


Coffee is great at certain times. It is an appetite suppressant. Drink after meals. One cup then and no more until next meal.

No coffee after 4 pm. It can keep you awake and you need sleep. If you are sleep deprived you will have a hard time losing weight. It can also flush your body of important nutrients.

Have it black, no sugar or cream. Sugar is addictive and cream is a fat. Cream in your coffee compromises fat in your diet.

Try to reduce intake of coffee and other caffeine-containing beverages.


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