Challenge #2 Leaderboard

Max Effort Pull Ups in 1 Minute

No Band

  1. Will – 34 Pull Ups
  2. Hannah Richmond – 30 Pull Ups
  3. Genevieve Nicoletta – 28 Pull Ups
  4. Jeanna – 26 Pull Ups (you should redo this and beat Will 😉 )
  5. Ryan – 23 Pull Ups
  6. Lisa Richmond – 21 Pull Ups
  7. Te – 19 Pull Ups
  8. Cynthia Onate Tovar – 16 Pull Ups
  9. Sarah Hibler – 14 Pull Ups
  10. Kiser – 10 Pull Ups **The most she’s ever done 🙂

You guys have until Friday 7:00pm to complete this challenge to remove a point from your total score for cheating (alcohol, sugar, etc.) or not eating all of your bricks/drinking enough water. SO DO IT! This is for your practice and personal progress to track these kind of skills. Also I have a SCALED Banded division so everyone can do this one!


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