Challenge #1 Leaderboard/Winners & Challenge #2 Announced!

Mini Challenge #1 is DONE. (500m ME Row)



  1. Sarah Hibler – 1:46
  2. Alexis Gaviria – 1:54
  3. Gina Rubino – 1:55
  4. Jen Hardesty – 1:59
  5. Jeanna Aydelotte – 2:00
  6. Karen Keyser – 2:01
  7. Laura Pruitt – 2:03.4
  8. Cynthia Onate Tovar – 2:03.9
  9. Laura Kiser – 2:07
  10. Kelly Metcalf – 2:08
  11. Kisti Baldawa – 2:34


  1. Will Aydelotte – 1:30
  2. Ryan Scanlon – 1:38
  3. Mike Keyser – 1:43

SOME FAST TIMES YOU GUYS!! Proud of each and every one of you for completing this challenge. Remember the point system. Each Cheat is 2 points. When you don’t have enough water that is 1 point and when you don’t have all of your bricks in one day… that is also 1 point. To get rid of collected points, you can attend Bollinger CF Classes or other classes at other CrossFit gyms while you travel 3x a week to get 1 point taken off, or you can complete these mini challenges and automatically get a point taken off just for participating.

Our WINNERS for this challenge are Sarah Hibler and Will Aydellote. You guys can swing buy the gym and pick up your FitAid 4-Pack as well as a T-shirt or Tank (Will I have no idea if any of these will fit you haha so I can come up with an alternative for you).


**Max Effort Pull Ups in 1 Minute**

There will be a SCALED (or banded) winner and an RX (no band) winner. These numbers are due by Friday at the end of the day 7:00 pm (last class).

This is a great opportunity for you to not only take a point off of your total but to get some awesome skill practice in and get the feeling of max effort pull ups. Many of you had goals for your pull ups and these challenges are surrounded around your goals to make you better. So have fun and get those numbers up! PR your max effort sets if you can. Just get as many pull ups as you can in 1 minute. If that means fast singles and you can do it RX without a band… do it! Don’t use a band just to get the highest number, there will be other challenges to win. Do this for yourself. If you have a non-banded pull up you should do this RX.

Again, Congrats to Will and Sarah, you guys rock! I will post another update and update the Athlete Acknowledgement Section today for you guys. I was away for the weekend but I am BACK IN ACTION now. 1 week down and you guys are killin it. Remember to keep track of your points. If you have your total for Week #1, text or email them to Kelsey or Shelby please. I will have prizes for the winners of this each week as well!


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