Complete this challenge by Saturday 6/13!!

This is the first of many (about 2 or so a week) challenges throughout the 21 days! This is a great way to take points away and stay at 0 and also a fun way to compete with each other and earn prizes!

The first one is….

500 m Row for Time

The top guy and top girl will receive the first prize pack of the nutrition challenge. Submit your scores to Kelsey or Shelby and we will continue to update a leader board on the challenge. Sunday morning winners will be announced!! Anyone is welcome to do this challenge at our gym but only the people who are doing the 21 day challenge will be eligible for prizes! So who is going to set the first time to beat!?


**A HUGE thank you to FitAid for providing us with t-shirts, tank tops, and FitAid 4-packs as prizes! President Aaron Hinde was nice enough to send us all of this swag as prizes for the challenges! There are plenty of colors and I also have books to give away as well and there will be other prizes along the way!


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