Are You Ready for Your Personalized Diet Plan??

Tomorrow I will respond to those of you who have either left your filled out packet at the gym or have emailed it to me. I will offer feedback based on the results of the survey and I will respond to your questionnaire. Shelby and I reviewed the packets we have received today. Please, if you haven’t gotten them to us, try to respond with them tomorrow at some point!

We have received cash/checks from Mike & Karen Keyser, as well as Roberta. There is an envelope at the front desk and I will check your name off 🙂

I will also send an email, as well as a post here, to inform you guys about what the diet actually is and what “bricks” are. As soon as we have your packet, we can tell you how many bricks you will be eating daily!

Here is an updated list of those joining in on the program! (An amazing turn out, this is going to be fun!)

  1. Karen Keyser
  2. Roberta Pokigo
  3. Laura Pruitt
  4. Cynthia Onate Tovar
  5. Teresa Schumann
  6. Danielle Edwards
  7. Jeanna Aydelotte
  8. Nicole Crowe
  9. Sarah Hibler
  10. Jen Hardesty
  11. Laura Kiser
  12. Wendy Ko (email me, your emails are bouncing back)
  13. Te David
  14. Lori Bates
  15. Saru Mehta
  16. Debi Dabasinskas
  17. Lauren Lagano
  18. Will Aydelotte
  19. Alexis Gaviria
  20. Barbara Scanlon
  21. Ryan Scanlon
  22. Mike Keyser
  23. Genevieve Nicoletta
  24. Cindy Chase
  25. Gina Rubino
  26. Brittany Lundberg
  27. Kelly Metcalf
  28. Carlos Rocha

Heather Tilton, Kelly O’Hair, and Shelby have all already begun this dieting plan. In 1 week Shelby lost several lbs., is already back down to a weight she wanted to reach, and lost 1/2″ off of her waist line. She is also feeling more energy and very positive about the nutrition/lifestyle change! It is convenient and simple 🙂

Can’t wait to get started MONDAY!


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